Homecoming Week!

Friday the 13th: The Return of Freddy Cougar

Gross Catholic Homecoming 2013

jason mask with freddyjpg185wFriday the 13th Homecoming week begins Monday, September 9.  The festivities are all centered around a theme taken from various horror movies because the Homecoming Dance takes place on Friday, the 13th of September

Dance Info

The Homecoming Dance is on Friday, September 13th from 9-11:30pm with coronation beginning at 9:15.  Tickets will be on sale in the commons during Homecoming Week for $15.  Tickets will not be on sale at the door.  Everyone from Gross Catholic is invited to attend the dance.  Our students can also bring one guest to the Homecoming Dance from another school.  Guest permission forms have to be filled out properly before anyone bringing a guest can purchase tickets. If a Gross Catholic student is bringing a guest, they need to have the permission form filled out early.  Tickets will be sold until the end of lunchtime on Thursday, September 12.

Dance Dress Code

Our dress code for the dance is called, "dressy casual."  We would like the students "dress up" a bit. Please do not wear jeans.  Many girls wear dresses to the dance and a lot of guys wear suits and ties, but formal attire is not required.  Flowers for your date are not necessary, but a lot of people do purchase corsages and boutonnières.  Students are not required to come with a "date."  Many students attend in groups. Going out to dinner is also optional, but a lot of students enjoy going out to their favorite restaurant on Homecoming Night.

Homecoming Week Schedule

Mon, September 9
White Polo Day: Wear white polos to show
unity during mass
·HC tickets on sale ·9:05am: Homecoming Mass
·7pm-10pm: Decorating in gym

Wed, September 11
Day of the Zombies: Students dress up as their 
favorite undead 
·HC tickets on sale
·2:17pm: Powderpuff FB Game
·3pm-9pm: Decorating in gym

Tue, September 10
Biggest Fear Day: Students dress up as their biggest fear
·HC tickets on sale 
·3pm-9pm: Decorating in gym
·Boys Tennis @ SSC
·Girls Golf @ SSC
·Volleyball @ Ralston

Thur, September 12
Orange & Blue Day: Go crazy in our school colors
·HC tickets on sale until 6th per.
·2:17pm: Homecoming Pep Rally in auditorium
·3pm-12pm: Decorating in gym
·5pm: Homecoming Tailgate
·7pm: Football vs Schuyler with halftime 
Homecoming Court Procession 
·Boys Tennis @ South
·Softball @ Skutt

Friday, the 13th

·No school
·8am-Noon: Decorating in Gym
·9pm-11:30pm: Homecoming Dance in main gym


Jason: cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by frogDNA:

Freddy: cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo by M S:

Homecoming Week

Student Council

  • Student Body President: Hannah Zimmerer '14
  • Advisor: Jim Homan