Freshman and Sophomore Years

Freshman Year College Preparation 

  • Develop good study skills.  Take notes, use a planner, and stay organized.
  • Become involved in activities.  Extracurricular activities are a great way to meet people, explore interests, and develop a resume.
  • Think about different careers that interest you.  You will want to take classes to explore those interests. 
  • Most importantly, do well in school!  When you register for sophomore year, take challenging classes and develop a plan for the next three years.  Talk to your teachers and counselor for assistance.

Sophomore Year College Preparation

  • Continue to do well in school. 
  • Stay involved and try to take on responsibilities in your activities. 
  • Consider taking the PSAT in October.
  • Use your resources.  Teachers and counselors are here to help you.

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